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Lauren Taylor Studio Policies and Fees

Lauren's Studio Policies

Missed Lesson Policy

Private lessons missed by the student, for whatever reason, will not be refunded. Families have the option to swap lesson times with another student, request a phone meeting during your lesson time, request an online lesson if connectivity allows, or to request an email with a practice plan from your teacher. Teacher-cancelled lessons will be made up during scheduled make-up weeks. If a teacher-cancelled lesson cannot be rescheduled before June 30th, a refund will be issued or summer lesson will be scheduled at mutual agreement. 

Cancelled group classes or special events will be rescheduled or replaced by a similar activity where possible. Classes or special events will not be refunded or credited unless more than two classes or two events are fully cancelled by the teacher(s) during the school year.


Arrival at Lessons 

Please arrive 5 minutes prior to your lesson to be able to unpack in the waiting area. Please be aware that your teacher needs to allow for transition time and cleaning between lessons and that your lesson time includes this preparation. 



You are welcome to drop off and pick up in the driveway. If you are staying, please park on the street. Please regard posted signs to ensure you are parking on the designated side of the street for city parking.


Hand Washing

Please take a moment before your lesson to sanitise your hands either with hand sanitizer or by washing them with soap and water. This will help protect our instruments as well keep us healthy! 


Student or Family Illness & Covid Protocol

If a student or attending caregiver has a fever or has vomited within 24 hours please do not come to your lesson or group class in person. We will be following any health guidelines provided by the Region of Waterloo. Online lessons may be available in the case of student or family illness. Missed classes will not be made up or refunded. It is imperative that you refrain from spreading illness through our school. 


Inclement Weather Days

If the WRDSB and WCDSB have closed due to inclement weather (not just buses), private lessons or groups will be moved to either asynchronous or an online platform at your teachers discretion. In the case of power outages or internet connectivity issues, lessons will be cancelled and not made up.  In the case of a student-missed lesson due to inclement weather, please see missed lesson policy. 


Online Lesson Policy

When lessons occur online due to illness or inclement weather, lesson time lost due to poor connectivity, power outages, battery failure, etc. will not be made up. Lesson etiquette still applies to online lessons. Cameras must remain on. Please check your camera and audio before each lesson. Please ensure the students body including bow arm, full instrument, and left hand are visible during the lesson. Please arrive on time, prepared with your music, resources and instrument tuned to the best of your ability. Please keep surrounding noise down and other distractions minimal during your online lesson. 


Parent Participation

I understand that for students under the age of 13, the designated practice parent is expected to attend and participate in lessons and assist in at home practice. This includes lessons that take place in the online platform. I will speak with my teacher if special circumstances arise. This is an integral part of a Suzuki program. 


Practice and Listening Requirements

Students are asked to regularly practise their instruments as instructed by the teacher. Please speak regularly with your teacher about how to structure and personalise your practice routine. Listening to the Suzuki repertoire recording is integral to Suzuki method learning and is an expected part of your daily practice routine. 


Group Classes

Participation in group classes is mandatory for students 18 years of age and under, or a high school graduate, if an appropriate class is being offered at a student’s level. People with special needs will be given consideration and included in our program whenever possible. Group activities are an integral part of our Suzuki program. 



Lauren Taylor, STEW, and STEW faculty are not responsible for the supervision or care of children during their classes or between classes. Students age 12 and under must have a parent or designated childcare provider responsible for them during group classes, private lessons and events.


Injury, Damage or Loss

Lauren Taylor, STEW, and STEW faculty are not responsible and will not be held liable for any injury or illness contracted by attending and participating in a program, or for any injuries occurring on the property where lessons, groups or events are taking place. STEW and Lauren Taylor are not responsible for any damage or loss of your property that occurs during private lessons, STEW groups or events. 


Studio and School Fees

Fees will be invoiced monthly, due by the 5th of each month. Preferred payment method is e-transfer or credit card via paypal. If cheque or cash is needed, or you prefer to pay in a lump sum for the year or term, please speak with our administrator. 


Withdrawal from STEW

  • When notice of withdrawal from school is given between July 1st through December 1st inclusive, parents/adult students will be required to pay an additional four months of school fees from the date of notice.

  • School fees for January 1st through June 30th inclusive will be waived if notice of intent to withdraw is received in writing to the Board of Directors by December 1st of the previous year.

  • No refund of school fees for the remainder of the school year will be given in the event of a student's withdrawal during the months of January 1st through June 30th inclusive.


Graduation Recital Costs

Since twinkle and book graduations are an optional event, there is an additional fee to cover costs for trophies and overhead for participants.


Kiwanis Music Festival Fees

STEW Teachers recommend and encourage student participation where appropriate in our local Kiwanis music festival. Please note that a STEW teacher's attendance at one rehearsal (or equivalent coaching if online) and up to two performances is in lieu of a lesson. Students are responsible to independently cover the cost of registration as well as piano accompaniment, and piano rehearsals for Kiwanis Music Festival.


Allergies & Pets

Please be aware that Lauren’s studio space also hosts the public-facing space of Threadz Custom Tailoring during the day. We clean and sanitise our shared space regularly, but, because of frequent drop-ins, cannot guarantee that it is free of allergens. Please let me know if you have any severe allergies that I should be made aware of.

The studio is also a family home, and the home of our dog Bernie. Bernie is a very friendly small senior dog who often comes and visits guests. If you are uncomfortable with dogs, please let me know, and we will make sure Bernie doesn’t visit during your lesson time.

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