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Pre Pre Twinkle (PPT)


This course is a weekly course taught in 10-week group class sessions. The teacher carefully prepares each class and every game or song has a purpose or a goal. This class introduces students and their parents to folk songs, rhythmic patterns, movement to music, vocalization, the musical alphabet, midline development and the beginning of finger independence. Parents/guardians participate in this class alongside the child to begin to develop a long term musical relationship. P.P.T is for ages 2.5 years of age to 4 years of age. We have a low teacher to student ratio in this class. P.P.T. classes take place at the same time and location as our group classes to assist scheduling for parents who already have students involved in group. P.P.T. will help to develop the gross and fine motor skills, routine, concentration and focus required to begin instrument specific lessons. This class is perfect for siblings of students already taking lessons, or incoming students who have not yet decided what instrument is right for them! We use a common repertoire for each class and have at home daily listening and practise assignments. This helps develop a practise routine at home before beginning on a specific instrument. P.P.T. is an excellent course to take to determine instrument readiness as they build the skills necessary to begin private and group lessons. The P.P.T’s will have group performance opportunities at our spring concert.


*This class may be taken in lieu of group class (at the teachers discretion) for a child who has started lessons but an appropriate instrumental group does not currently exist.*

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