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Suzuki Triangle













In Suzuki Education we work together as a team formed by the Suzuki Parent, The Suzuki Teacher, and The Suzuki Student. This is the Suzuki Triangle.

Expectations of Suzuki Teachers

  • To be supportive and encouraging to our students and their parents.

  • To help students develop strong technique, musical tone, and intonation.

  • To help the student find their musical voice.

  • To help students build upon their successes as success breeds success

  • To develop an environment within the studio that nurtures growth

  • To help the student and parent build character first, then ability

  • To act as a resource to develop better practice strategies/at home routine.

  • To encourage parents and students to attend events, lectures, workshops.

  • To provide opportunities to perform (recitals, Kiwanis, workshops, etc.)

  • To provide structured group and private lessons.

  • To assist the student and parent to develop realistic goals.

  • To continue their education by attending workshops, lectures, training, etc.

  • To help students/parents choose appropriate sized instruments.

  • To share a love of music.

  • To regularly attend training or workshops to nurture life long learning in themselves

  • To provide professional instruction that fits the individual needs of the students.

  • To keep an open line of communication with the parents and students.

Expectations of Suzuki Students

  • To develop a sense of personal responsibility for yourself, your family, and your community.

  • To regularly attend group classes, events and private instruction.

  • To share a love of music.

  • To practise daily, even when you don't want to.

  • To work to your own maximum potential.

  • To be cooperative and do your best.

  • To learn to be respectful of oneself, parents, fellow students and teacher.

  • To learn to express oneself in a positive way.

  • To learn to create and reach realistic goals.

  • To have fun.

  • To learn how to focus and concentrate.

  • To learn that it is possible to overcome struggles.

  • To learn that success breeds success.

Expectations of Parents

  • To be supportive on both good and bad days.

  • To understand that parent involvement is critical.

  • To regularly attend both individual, group lessons and workshops.

  • To take notes at lessons and group classes.

  • To regularly play the Suzuki recording for your children.

  • To not compare your children to other children.

  • To ask questions when you do not understand!

  • To celebrate success (recitals, Kiwanis performances, reaching a goal).

  • To not be critical of other parents or students. Different things are difficult for different people.

  • To be a resource or support to other parents in the studio.

  • To be open to resources and support from other parents in the studio or your teacher.

  • To provide a nurturing environment for your child to grow and learn.

  • To grow with your child including having realistic expectations for your child’s age and developmental stage.

  • To assist in developing daily practise routines between yourself and your child.

  • To create a musical environment. Take your children to concerts, events, and support their endeavours.




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