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Lessons for Adult Students


Private Lessons:

Please contact us for more information if you are interested in private lessons.

Group Classes:

During our Summer Months (June-August) our program runs adult only summer group classes. These group classes are workshops at various levels of playing (pending annual registration) with small class sizes (maximum 5 individuals per class). In the past we have run classes for students who have never played through advanced repertoire classes for students who either wanted to continue their studies or have returned to their instrument after many years. These sessions are typically one hour in length and take place 6-8 times over the summer.

During the school year (September-April) we do welcome adults to our regular group class program but please be aware that many of the activities may still be geared at the younger learner (especially at less advanced levels).


We do welcome adults who have played outside of our STEW program to join our Junior and Senior Orchestra program. While everyone is welcome, we do ask that you arrange an audition so that the orchestra conductors can make sure that you are at a playing level appropriate to the group you are in and so we can know what seating arrangement is appropriate. Junior orchestra (Suzuki Book 2-4 or RCM Grade 3 and above, and are fluent in reading ability up to third position) rehearses on our “Blue Weeks” on Wednesdays from 4:45-5:30 pm. Our Senior Orchestra (Suzuki Book 4+ or RCM Grade 5 and above and ability to read and shift) rehearses on our “Blue Weeks” on Wednesdays from 4:45-5:45 pm.


Performance or Social Opportunities:

Our adult students are welcome to participate or attend our annual adult only recital. This is an event for students and guests 18+ to come perform in a welcoming and supportive environment. This recital typically takes place in late May or Early June and is open to all registered STEW students. After the recital we like to gather for a potluck of finger foods and cocktails.


Other performance opportunities include participating in our spring and winter group class concerts as well as support of our adult students who wish to sign up for Kiwanis Music Festival.


Periodic social events or pub events do happen throughout the year for our adult students so they can feel like they are part of a community!

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