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The Jo-Anne Goyder Scholarship

The Jo-Anne Goyder Scholarship celebrates Geneviève Schirm-Joyce’s first cello teacher, Jo-Anne Goyder. Jo-Anne played a central role in Geneviève’s life and contributed to Geneviève’s becoming an amazing cellist, a devoted teacher and an overall wonderful human being.


Jo-Anne’s tremendous generosity was apparent when Geneviève was still a young student; in those early years, she made the private lessons and cello rental affordable when they would have been otherwise financially out of reach. The scholarship recognizes Jo-Anne’s commitment towards her students and to Suzuki Music Education, as well as pay forward her generosity to the next generation of cellists.


The Jo-Anne Goyder scholarship awards a dedicated cellist, currently enrolled in grades 7-12, who would otherwise be unable to afford private music lessons, with financial support for cello lessons from Suzuki Talent Education of Waterloo (STEW). The successful candidate must demonstrate commitment to playing the cello and, if possible, already be enrolled in a school orchestra.

Application to the scholarship must include a letter from the student outlining their merits, a recommendation letter from the school music teacher or equivalent, as well as proof of financial need.

The scholarship will cover the cost of weekly private cello lessons and group lessons every two (2) weeks for one (1) year at STEW. Failure to attend scheduled private and group lessons may lead to the scholarship being revoked.


Contribution to the scholarship can be made at (Attention “The Jo-Anne Goyder Scholarship”)

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