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Performance Opportunities

Solo Recitals 

Each student is able to participate in at least one solo recital per year. Each student will receive a dress rehearsal where they will work with an accompanist. Pre-twinklers or twinklers not ready to work with a pianist will be accompanied by their teacher.


Students of all levels and instruments come together to showcase the Suzuki repertoire and other group class pieces. Play-ins are more informal and may include games or workshop activities. At S.T.E.W. we usually have a play-in at the beginning of September before group classes begin.

Group Concerts

Group concerts showcase polished pieces of music that have been worked on throughout the year in group class, ensemble and reading classes. Group concerts will have a dress rehearsal. This concert usually occurs in Mid-December before the winter holidays and early May to coincide with the ending of the group class year.

Graduation Recitals $

When students have completed a book we recommend that they perform in our graduation recital. For a Twinkle graduation the student records all of their twinkles and performs all of the twinkles in the recital. For book graduations the student is required to record all of the pieces in the book. Additionally the student performs in a recital one piece from the book of their choice, one piece of the teacher’s choice and pull a third unknown piece from a the repertoire up to the most advanced piece in the book that they are graduating from. Graduation recitals provide a great opportunity to refine the student’s skills and to review previous pieces. Graduates will have a dress rehearsal to prepare and will receive a reward (such as a certificate of achievement or trophy).

Kiwanis Music Festival $

Students have the opportunity to perform at their local Kiwanis music festival. At Kiwanis students have the opportunity to play for an adjudicator who will provide an adjudication of your playing. In addition to solo performances many students use the festival as an opportunity for chamber music playing duets or by creating a family ensemble. Both non-competitive and competitive categories exist. Most students in our studio perform in the non-competitive categories. Please discuss with your teacher which is most appropriate for you. The cost of accompaniment and registration fee for Kiwanis is not included with your lesson fees. In lieu of a lesson on the week of Kiwanis your teacher will attend your performance and dress rehearsal for no additional fee.

Chamber Music/Special Concerts $

In the past we have held chamber music concerts in for students who have prepared and performed duets, trios, quartets together and wish for an opportunity to perform. S.T.E.W. runs fundraisers that are sometimes accompanied by special concerts or workshops. In order to run these events we need volunteers! If you are interested please let us know.

Viola Day $

We encourage our viola students to register for viola day. Viola day is an opportunity to meet and play with other Suzuki violists. These days usually include special workshops, and a group concert.

SAO Conferences $

The Suzuki Association of Ontario holds annual conferences for their teachers and students every November. We encourage our students to register for these events when they occur.

Institutes $

Students are encouraged to find a summer institute. Summer institutes are filled with performance opportunities including group concerts, and individual recitals. Institutes also give students musical enrichment opportunities such as percussion lessons, viola for violinists, musical theatre, parent talks, group class, and individual lessons. Many institutes have scholarships available.

$ denotes opportunities with potential extra cost

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