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Liz Biswas

School Administrator, Violin and Viola Teacher, Conductor of STEW Jr. Orchestra

Liz Biswas has been teaching violin and viola since 2002. Liz began teaching Suzuki Early Childhood Education in 2017. Her teacher trainers have included Allen Lieb, Elayne Ras, Carrie Beth Hockett, Ed Sprunger, Sharon Jones and Dorothy Jones. She is currently a member of the Suzuki Association of Ontario Board of Directors. Liz completed her B.A. from the University of Waterloo in 2009. Liz currently plays viola in the Waterloo Chamber Players and acts as second violin in the Quinten Quartet. She is a founding teacher and administrator at the Suzuki Talent Education of Waterloo.


In addition to her work as a violin and viola teacher, Liz has worked as a personal support worker with the City of Kitchener in community services. Liz worked for several years one-on-one with children with special needs as an Inclusion Facilitator and was the Summer Inclusion Co-ordinator for the City of Kitchener in 2010. She has taught children and adults of all abilities.

She lives in Waterloo with her husband and is a co-Suzuki parent to her two daughters Lilia and Sophie.

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