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STEW PPT and Early Childhood Class Policies

Group Lesson/Special Event Policy 

Lessons missed by the student, for whatever reason, will not be refunded. Canceled group classes or special events will be rescheduled if possible, and will not be refunded or credited unless more than two classes or two events are canceled by the teacher(s) during the school year.


Snow Days/Inclement Weather Days

If the WRDSB, 44 Gaukel or WCRC have closed due to inclement weather (not just buses), PPT and SECE classes are also canceled. STEW reserves the right to cancel classes due to inclement weather. These groups will not be made up​.


Cell Phones

Parent participation is essential in our class. Please keep cell phones on silent during class and keep usage only to immediate emergencies during class time. If you would like to use it for a photo please ask for permission from the teachers ahead of time.



We welcome breastfeeding or bottle feeding in our classes. We please ask that snacks for toddlers/preschoolers not be consumed during class as it can be distracting and messy to clean up. 


Parent Participation

Encouragement is essential! We ask for parent participation in our SECE and PPT class as children are learning from your example. If your child is struggling to participate feel free to take a private moment to bond outside the activity circle until they’re  ready to return. Teachers may quietly suggest this time-in during class. 



Please go outside of the activity circle to change diapers. We ask that you please take diapers with you as the garbage may not be changed regularly at our facilities. 



STEW is not responsible for the supervision or care of children during their classes or between classes. Students age 12 and under must have a parent or designated childcare provider responsible for them during group classes and events. SECE and PPT Students must attend with a participating adult. 


Injury, Damage or Loss

STEW is not responsible or liable for any injury, illness, any damage or loss of your property that occurs as a result of participation or attendance of our programs or events.


Studio and School Fees

School fees, which will be invoiced before the classes begin, will be due before the start of the first session of PPT or SECE. Payment is available by EMT or credit card through PayPal. There will be a charge of $25 for NSF cheques. If a monthly payment plan is preferred, please speak to our administrator. Please inform our administrator promptly if your bank information changes!


Withdrawal from STEW

Prorated refunds or credit will be provided if requested before the 2nd class of the session. Refunds will not be provided for materials received or for classes attended.


Refunds & Credits - STEW Cancellation

Full or prorated refunds and credits will be provided to all registrants in the event that Suzuki Talent Education of Waterloo cancels a SECE or PPT program.


COVID Protocol/Health Protocols

Suzuki Talent Education of Waterloo will be following health protocols as set out by the Region of Waterloo, and Province of Ontario, as well as those expected of our rental facilities. In the unfortunate case of a lockdown occurring and the class is unable to be in-person, STEW will move our PPT and SECE classes to an online platform. 


Student or Family Illness 

If a student or attending caregiver has a fever or has vomited within 24 hours please do not come to your lesson or group class in person. Please follow the current COVID-19 guidelines provided by the Region of Waterloo or province of Ontario regarding attendance if you are ill. Student missed classes will not be made up or refunded. It is imperative that you refrain from spreading illness through our school. 




Please refrain from using perfumes before coming to your classes. As we have a faculty member with an anaphylactic nut allergy we ask that there be no nuts at class and if you have had nuts during the day to wash your hands before group. The facilities we use are no-nut facilities.

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